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Foreign Language Discovery

The word is out!

Apparently foreign language conversion is the new trend in electronic data discovery.

Lucky for you Dojo was 5 years early to the party!

Yes, early! Dojo has been processing foreign language documents for our clients for over 5 years. While firms are just now finding solutions for dealing with high-volume, multi-language documents, Dojo continues to hone our services to meet the ever-changing demands of the market.

What does this mean for you? Well, first it means that Dojo has learned characteristics about dozens of foreign language populations. Second, and more importnatly, Dojo has learned how NOT to process foreign language documents. See the Resource box to the left for more information!

Why is processing foreign language population different?

Foreign language populations contain encoding -- or the way the document is read by the computer -- which may be inconsistent with your computer settings.

Why is that important? Because when your computer attempts to read the foreign encoding it may likely fail in properly displaying the data leaving you with the impression the document is unreadable.

Dojo's processing options include:

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  • Identification and Extraction of documents and container files (Zips, etc.) containing foreign language
  • Document de-duping on the Job, Custodian or Email file level
  • Key term searching of the foreign characters including date range, proximity searching, key term and key phrase searching and secondary searches for privilege.

Dojo's delivery options include:

  • Fielded metadata including foreign language text
  • Native review formatting.
  • Full service tiff productions
  • Database delivery of metadata in any industry-standard format (Concordance, Summations, etc....)
  • Optional receipt of all text in UTF-8; a universal standard for presenting international text into your desktop application without requiring machine configurations or language packs.

    Read how Dojo Technology Captures Metadata to deliver you exceptional service.

    Dojo Technology’s conversion processes can handle international characters including but not limited to:

    Arabic, Armenian, Baltic, Central Europe, Foreign Language ConversionCyrillic, Georgian, Greek, Hebrew, Indic Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkic & Vietnamese. As our service evolves, so does our list of supported languages. Foreign language conversion services include metadata and text extraction in the foreign language as well as standard TIFF conversion.

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