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Dojo Spreadsheet Processing

“Dojo’s ability to process spreadsheets is like nothing else available in the industry.”

At Dojo we’ve been saying this for years. Now, we’re hearing it from our clients. Why? Dojo built a solution which provides flexibility, and LOTS of client input. For instance:

  • Printing on larger paper for image review has been shown to significantly reduce image counts. Using legal size images will still render to paper in a readable format.
  • Standard processing includes:
    • Formatting of all sheets to render hidden columns and rows.
    • Formatting of all cells to be viewable.
    • Evaluating cell size and wrapping text on large cells – usually encountered with titles.
    • An evaluation process that determines whether each sheet should be rendered portrait or landscape.
    • Dojo’s processes print all data on the page. Dojo avoids the potential disaster associated with software programs that only print data 'as last printed'. Our processes print the entire used range on the page. However, the flexibility of our services allow for this option on request as well.
    • QC processes which remove blank pages, pages with only gridlines and other 'traps' of spreadsheet programs that do nothing but inflate image counts.
  • Clients have received custom services for large volumes of spreadsheets including:
    • Custom formatting of reports to produce to as few pages as possible.
    • Processes which render charts on their own page with references to the cells and ranges that rendered the chart.
    • Gridlines, Column and Row headings printed on demand.
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