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When the inflexible solutions offered by larger service providers no longer meet their needs, law firms, corporations, and litigation support companies turn to Dojo Technology. We keep those clients because they get used to having electronic data discovery services from a responsive, creative, quality vendor.

We provide cost-effective solutions instead of offering services that only result in large image counts. At Dojo, we would prefer to build the relationship rather than build up the invoice.

Dojo’s proprietary software solution, the foundation of our service, was developed in-house so that we retain a complete understanding of how the software works. This allows us to provide unparalleled customized services. We meet all of our client requests efficiently and effectively.

Here are some examples of how Dojo met the needs of our clients:

  • In response to an immediate need to cull down 840GB of data for an on-going investigation, Dojo provided Summary Reports and databases of the data and text for initial screening.
  • When asked to process over 100GB of foreign language documents, Dojo offered solutions to render images and extracted text in the native language. This population included emails with Japanese, English and Chinese within the same documents.
  • Exhausted by service providers who either wanted to charge up front for programming fees or needed weeks to ramp up for a special job, Dojo began production the next day on a request to render 45GB of email to PDF with each PDF comprising the original email and any attachments.
  • We are currently working with a client to effectively manage a 40-tape backup job in a manner that provides the client access to the data without the potentially unreasonable price tag associated with such large-scale operations.

    For clients needing Foreign Language Conversion, Dojo’s conversion processes can handle international characters including but not limited to:

    Arabic, Armenian, Baltic, Central Europe, Foreign Language Conversion Cyrillic, Georgian, Greek, Hebrew, Indic Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkic & Vietnamese. As our service evolves, so does our list of supported languages. Foreign language conversion services include metadata and text extraction in the foreign language as well as standard TIFF conversion.

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