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The DojoInder

The DojoIndexer is a utility provided free of charge to assist our clients in an initial analysis of a population of loose files. By using the application you can obtain a summary by filetype and of filesize for all the files in a specified directory

The programs flexibility allows the user to select multiple directories or drives to Index and permits the results of the summary to be saved or exported to an HTML file.

Installing the DojoInder

To install the application:

  • Click on "Download DojoIndexer" to the left.
  • Save the file to your computer.
  • Locate the file and double-click it.
  • The installation will begin and you will be prompted to proceed.
  • If you receive an error telling you that your computer needs to be upgraded to be able to process a Microsoft's .Net application please download and install the ".Net Fix" application to the left.

    Running the Application

    The DojoIndexer installs to your local computer. You will have a link to it in your Startup|Programs menu.

  • Once open use the "Add Folder" button to browse your computer, network drive or CD/DVD drive to locate the drive you want Indexed. You may select multiple drives by repeating this step.
  • Select the "Start Indexing" button when ready.
  • Select the + (plus sign) to the left of the Drive you would like to see. Examine the results.
  • Use the back arrow at the top right of the form to return to the previous screen.
  • The File option at the top left will permit you to export the results.
  • Questions or comments about this application may be addressed to Ed Hamilton at ed.hamilton@dojotechnology.com. Ed can also be reached toll free at 866-365-6835 or by cell at 360-649-3004.

    The DojoIndexer was developed using Microsofts .Net software package. Dojo Technology is a member of Microsoft's Empower program.