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Since 2010 Dojo Technology has been actively involved in Multi-District Litigation against the Nation's preeminent banks by providing data forensic services.

Ed Hamilton, Dojo's co-Founder and current owner, has been exclusively engaged since 2010 in providing database forensic services in support of class-action litigation against many of the Nation's banks. These actions are related to the application of overdraft fees to the banks' checking account customers.

The first such suit, against Bank of America, resulted in a settlement of 410 million dollars. In the three years since Mr Hamilton has assisted in recovering close to $1 Billion from banks that has been returned to their customers.

Working on a two-man team, with Art Olsen of Cassis Technology, Mr. Hamilton assisted in the development of processes and programming scripts that loaded, formatted and analyzed billions of banking transaction records. Many of these lawsuits involved customer accounts between 2003 and 2010. Once the intial structuring was validated by existing bank statements and actual assessment of fees the processes involved resorting and resequencing transactions to prove harm under various considerations.

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