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Vast volumes of data exists in a format that is not compatible with data analysis. Often, these are archived reports, printouts, statements or other storage media that is not ready for analysis.

A proper, efficient conversion service uses automation to align data for analysis. This process allows for an efficient, high-volume answer to data access. Effectively managed a conversion process can provide hundreds of millions of records of fielded data in a short time-frame.

An example, relevant to recent work by Dojo, would be the converstion of bank statements to a database format, This work was provided during the past four years on on-going Overdraft Litigation class-action suits. Totaling more than 35 banks, Dojo assisted in the data analysis services of each of these cases.

A significant portion of this work was the preparation of data for analysis. By accessing customer statement data, Dojo was able to isolate relevant data and rebuild a history of customer transaction data and account balances. Validation was done by comparing stated account balances with calculated balances based on available transactions. Once complete the data was ready for analysis.

Done on a large popluation of data, an entire banks customer base can be reproduced and analysed for potential harm in a matter of weeks. The ability to gain access to this data is pertinent to demonstrating harm.

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