Dojo is affirmation.

About Us

What's in a name? Quite a bit, actually.

Dojo Technology derives its name from two important standpoints, the cornerstones of our company.

To many, a 'Dojo' is a physical place where one learns martial arts. The word itself is Japanese and historically describes a place devoted to the practice of the art of Zen. Confining our definition to the training that takes place inside a Dojo, one finds rather quickly that the word is often extended to the characteristics of a Dojo, as if the Dojo itself is an individual. These words include respect, trust, nurture, training, devotion, and commitment.

A Western attempt to define an Eastern word would be to say that a Dojo is a place where one understands their limits, respects their competition, strives every day to be better at what they do, but never fails to enjoy that with which they are blessed.

Dojo is about technology -- building high-tech, high-speed, high-volume solutions to meet today's litigation support needs. It is this technology, and its benefits, that set us apart.

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